Mini-symposium title
9-2 - Reaction Diffusion Problems in Mechanics
Marco Paggi (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca), Ricardo Ruiz Baier (Oxford University), Fabrizio Davì (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Mini-symposium description

Reaction-diffusion systems are mathematical models used to describe several phenomena in biology, geology, physics and chemistry, where chemical reactions transform substances into each other and diffusion causes the substances to spread out in the domain. Mathematically, these systems usually take the form of a set of ordinary and partial differential equations, with different degree of coupling and nonlinearity, and allow, among the others, for the description of mechanical interactions in complex bodies and between solids and fluids.

This mini-symposium aims at gathering together experts in modelling and simulation of reaction-diffusion systems, with special emphasis on their impact to solid and fluid mechanics research. Topics of interest are (but are not limited to):

- Degradation of mechanical properties of polymers caused by chemical reactions and diffusion;

- Hydrodynamic instabilities influenced by multi-scale chemical reactions;

- Plankton dynamics;

- Convection-driven Turing patterns in porous media;

- Heat and mass transfer in porous materials;

- Bioconvection of bacteria;

- Growth and remodelling of biological matter;

- Reaction-diffusion systems in cardiac dynamics;

- Electromagnetic showers and particles propagation.