Mini-symposium title
6-4 - Nonlinear waves in solids
Jüri Engelbrecht (Estonian Academy of Sciences), Aleksei Porubov (St. Petersburg State University)
Mini-symposium description

Nonlinear strain waves of permanent shape and velocity may propagate in elastic wave-guides, discrete crystalline lattices, materials with a microstructure, biomechanical systems, soft tissues, etc. Such waves are characterized by the ability to preserve their form and this property can be used in acoustodiagnostics and dispersion management. The interest to nonlinear waves is not only theoretical, several experiments demonstrate the existence and usage of nonlinear waves. An important issue of studies concerns the recognition of various physical factors responsible for nonlinear, dispersive and also dissipative features of solids which lead to waves of the permanent shape. Mathematical models used widely for describing such waves in solids are either nonlinear discrete systems or nonlinear partial differential/integro-differential equations. There are considerable difficulties in solving such equations analytically, therefore the development of numerical methods is needed.

The aim of the minisymposium is to bring together scientists dealing with analytical, numerical and experimental methods in this progressing field of studies.