Mini-symposium title
3-14 - Symposium Honouring Professor Norman Fleck on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday
John Willis ( Cambridge University), Vikram Deshpande (Cambridge University)
Mini-symposium description

This symposium is held in honour of Prof. Norman Fleck, Cambridge University Department of Engineering on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Prof. Fleck is an acknowledged world leader in Solid Mechanics. His research is of very wide scope, and combines scientific insights and practical application. Fleck’s breadth of interest, theoretical and experimental ability, and engagement with and influence on solid mechanics research worldwide place him among the great contributors to the field. His major contributions include:

(i) Mechanics of foams and lattice materials

(ii) Size effects in plasticity theories for metals

(iii) Mechanics of fibre composites

(iv) Mechanics of ferroelectrics

Prof. Fleck’s collaborators, colleagues and friends will present theoretical, computational and experimental contributions in topics of past and current interest to Prof. Fleck.

Contributions to this symposium are restricted to invitees only.