Mini-symposium title
1-2 - The Virtual Concrete Lab: Modelling the Behaviour of Concrete from Fresh State to Long Term Durability
Günter Hofstetter (Innsbruck University), Liberato Ferrara (Politecnico di Milano)
Mini-symposium description

The mini-symposium focusses on modelling the behavior of concrete in multi-physics and multi-scale frameworks on the basis of different numerical methods, like finite, discrete and distinct element methods. In particular, modelling of (i) the fresh state and casting, e.g., the casting flow process for plain concrete and fiber reinforced concrete, (ii) hydration including self healing, (iii) creep and shrinkage, including basic and drying creep and autogenous and combined autogenous and drying shrinkage, (iv) fracture processes in hardened concrete and (iv) durability aspects will be addressed.