Mini-symposium title
1-5 - Micro and Nano Mechanics Systems
Horacio Espinosa (Northwestern University), Vittorio Ferrari (University of Brescia), Attilio Frangi (Politecnico di Milano), Maria F. Pantano (University of Trento)
Mini-symposium description

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) continue to experience remarkable market growth in various fields like in the automotive, aerospace and large consumer applications. The scientific community is driving application development in the medical and biological fields, and finding more effective manufacturing processes and strategies. New challenges are emerging concerning reliability, optimization and progressive miniaturization towards the nanoscale in order to integrate and exploit the extraordinary properties and functionalities of materials such as nanowires, nanotubes and 2D nanomaterials, like graphene.

Indeed the challenges of the future in materials manufacture will be played from the atomic scale of matter. Boundaries between engineers, physicists, materials scientists and chemists will get ever more blurred, as knowledge and techniques will more than ever transfer from one field to the other. With the recent improvements in multiscale modelling and worldwide recognition in the community, there is the unique opportunity for scientists to further advance the linking between "nano" and "micro".

This symposium aims at bringing together theoreticians, computationalists and experimentalists active in the fields of micro and nanomechanics. Contributions are thus welcome in the area of simulation, modelling and experimentation of the mechanics of nano and micro materials, structures, devices, such as sensors and actuators, and systems.