Mini-symposium title
1-7 - Shape Memory Alloys and Related Materials - Modelling, Numerical Algorithms and Applications
Stefanie Reese (Aachen University), Stanisław Stupkiewicz (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research)
Mini-symposium description

The goal of this minisymposium is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing recent advances in modelling of shape memory alloys (SMAs) and related material systems in which martensitic phase transition, twinning, or displacive transformations in general, play a crucial role in achieving their functional properties. Topics of interest cover modelling at all relevant scales, including atomistic simulations, formation and evolution of microstructures, multiscale approaches, and phenomenological modelling at the macroscale, as well as coupling of the related phenomena with other dissipative mechanisms, such as plasticity, structural and functional fatigue, and others. Equaly welcome are contributions concerning computational aspects and numerical algorithms pertaining to computer implementation and simulations involving the class of models mentioned above. Finally, papers discussing application-related and experimental aspects of the mechanics of SMAs and related materials will complement the overview of the current research activities in the field.