Mini-symposium title
2-4- Mechanics of Soft Biological Tissues
Gerhard A. Holzapfel (Graz University of Technology), Ray W. Ogden (University of Glasgow)
Mini-symposium description

This minisymposium is concerned with all aspects of the mechanics of soft biological tissues. In particular, the understanding of the mechanical properties and behavior of tissues at different length scales in health and disease is vitally important for the development of advanced constitutive models. This applies to all types of tissues including artery walls, components of the heart, brain, skin, the bladder, liver, eyes, kidneys, etc. This minisymposium focuses on topics such as growth and remodeling, description of the microstructure, multiscale modeling, elasticity, viscoelasticity and damage, for example. Both theoretical and computational contributions are welcome as well as relevant experimental contributions.