Mini-symposium title
2-5 - Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Mechanobiology: from Basics to Clinical Applications
Christian Cyron (Technical University of Munich), Alessandro Veneziani (Emory University and IUSS Pavia)
Mini-symposium description

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most important reasons for mortality and morbidity in Western countries. Many of them are intrinsically linked to solid and fluid mechanics. In particular, it is increasingly understood that close interactions between mechanics and biology play a key role. These interactions are studied in the emerging field of mechanobiology. Rapid recent advances in biomedical imaging, experimental life sciences as well as computational science and engineering provide nowadays a powerful basis for the examination of complex problems in cardiovascular biomechanics and mechanobiology. Beyond the proof of concept, many mathematical and numerical tools are ready to be used in the clinical practice. This minisymposium covers the various areas of this field, from fundamental research to clinics, including theoretical, computational, and experimental work from both solid and fluid mechanics as well as biology. It aims at gathering researchers to discuss and compare the different methods and approaches pursued in the different areas of cardiovascular biomechanics and mechanobiology and identify potentials for future collaborations.