Mini-symposium title
2-6 - Mechanics of Mineralised Tissues and Biomaterials
Anna Tampieri (Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, National Research Council), Marco Viceconti (Insigneo Institute, University of Sheffield)
Mini-symposium description

The aim of this mini-symposium is to explore the most recent innovation in the experimental and computational modelling of the mechanical behaviour of mineralised tissues, and of biomaterials targeting the replacement and/or the regeneration of mineralised tissues.  Prof Tampieri is a well-known specialist in the synthesis, processing and microstructural/ functional characterization of biomaterials for the repair of mineralised tissues.  Prof Viceconti is an international recognised specialist in bone mechanics, and particularly the multiscale modelling of the mechanical behaviour of mineralised tissues.  The focus of the mini-symposium will be on experimental and computational characterisation of “hard” tissues and biomaterials, as well as on their combination to explore among other things the multiscale mechanics of bone and bone biomaterials, the development of bio-inspired bioceramics, the functional characterisation of implantable devices for the repair of large skeletal defects, and the mechanobiology of bone-biomaterial interaction.