Mini-symposium title
3-6 - Multi-Physics of Solids at Fracture
Bernhard Schrefler (University of Padua), Gennady Mishuris (Aberystwyth University), Alexander Linkov (Rzeszow University of Technology), Bernd Markert (Aachen University)
Mini-symposium description

The mini-symposium “Multi-Physics of Solids at Fracture” is a platform to share new models, methods, experimental, analytical and numerical results obtained in studies of fracture occurring under combined influence of various physical processes.

Participants are welcome to present talks and papers on fracture of solids at micro, meso and macro levels, caused by fluid pressure, thermal, electric and radioactive effects, chemical reactions, creep, fatigue, phase transformation, etc.

A special session is to be focused on hydraulic fractures in natural geophysical processes, and in industrial applications for stimulation of oil, gas and heat reservoirs, for preconditioning in mines, for waste disposal and CO2 sequestration.