Mini-symposium title
3-12 - The MS has been merged with the MS 3-7 - Nonlinear Elasticity
Roger Bustamante (Universidad de Chile), Luis Dorfmann (Tufts University), Yibin Fu (Keele University), Patrizio Neff (Universitaet Duisburg-Essen), Michel Destrade (NUI Galway), Tommaso Ruggeri (Univ. of Bologna), Giuseppe Saccomandi (Univ. of Perugia)
Mini-symposium description

Ronald Rivlin (1915-2005) was a highly innovative scientist who made seminal contributions in all areas of continuum mechanics. He was one of the last savants, equally proficient in solid and fluid mechanics and in the mathematical methods needed to advance these disciplines. Rivlin was interested not only in developing theories of material modelling but also in their application to real-world problems.

Continuum mechanics is a fundamental science at the nexus of mechanics, engineering science and applied mechanics. Over the last twenty years, it has experienced a renaissance, with renewed interest in the field generated by the need to model soft matter, biomechanics and active materials. These complex systems necessarily require the methodologies that are at the core of continuum mechanics, with the result that many scientists (physicists, material scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians) are embracing continuum mechanics once again and the field has a wide and substantial audience.