Mini-symposium title
5-4 - Models and Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems in Mechanics
Ignacio Romero (Technical University of Madrid), Adrian Lew (Stanford University)
Mini-symposium description

In solid mechanics, coupled problems, i.e., those in which the mechanical behaviour of the system is strongly affected by the interaction with non-mechanical phenomena, are ubiquitous. The latter include, among others, thermal, chemical, magnetic, and electrical effects. In addition, situations in which the interface forces between a solid and a fluid significantly modify their motion are also considered as coupled problems.

In all types of coupled problems, the correct modelling of the (possibly two-way) interaction is crucial for understanding the overall behaviour of the system and, in particular, to obtain accurate predictions of the mechanical subsystem. In addition, and due to the complexity of their governing equations, numerical methods are often required to approximate their solution.

In this mini-symposium we are interested in recent results regarding the mathematical modelling of coupled problems in mechanics and their numerical solution by means of new numerical methods. More specifically, topics of interest for the symposium are:

  • Thermoelasticity, thermoviscoelasticity and thermoplasticity
  • Fluid-solid and fluid-structure interaction problems
  • Flow in porous media
  • Structure-acoustic interaction
  • Mass transport
  • Hydraulically and/or thermally induced fracturing

Researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts in these or related topics with emphasis on their mathematical and numerical aspects.