Mini-symposium title
9-1 - Multi-scale Solids and Homogenization
Natasha Movchan (University of Liverpool), Daniel Colquitt (University of Liverpool), Ross McPhedran (University of Sydney)
Mini-symposium description

The focus of this mini-symposium is on the mathematical modelling of wave propagation in, and homogenisation of, multiscale solids. In recent years, the study of the behaviour of waves in multiscale solids has enjoyed a huge surge of interest across mathematics, physics, and engineering.

The goal of this mini-symposium is to bring together mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, with expertise in homogenisation and the mathematical modelling of waves in multiscale media, not only to share the very latest developments in this exciting field, but also for the exchange of new ideas and perspectives.

Whilst the main focus of the mini-symposium is on analytical, asymptotic, and numerical techniques, we also welcome contributions based on experimental approaches.